A wedding day is full of magical, loving moments. Your wedding day is a day to remember forever. Andy Vox Wedding Videography Studio is here for you. It’s our job as a wedding videographer to capture the excitement, fun, romance, laughter and all unique emotions from your big day in a film that you will want to watch again and again for years to come.
No matter how much we advise our couples about Wedding Videos, some couples make mistakes that we'd like to discuss. There are a few things you can do – or shouldn’t do – to ensure you get your perfect wedding film.
10 biggest wedding videography mistakes you can make… and how to avoid them.

1. Thinking you don’t need a wedding videographer
It's a common mistake we often hear. Great that now more and more couples understand the value of a wedding footage.
If you're thinking that having a photographer is enough to capture your wedding day and that wedding videos are too expensive, you are wrong. The question is how much are precious moments of all your emotions that never will happen again? Whether you're willing to lose  those wonderful moments, such as when the bride started to laugh because of something her father said in his speech, or when the groom whispers “oh my God, she's perfect” as the bride arrives at the altar.  Even the best photographers can’t capture them. Weddings go as one instant, and a film captures special moments and special people.
98 per cent of newlyweds afterwards say not booking a wedding videographer is their biggest regret. 
Please find our article "10 Reasons why you need a wedding videographer" here.


2. Not researching wedding videographers

We suggest doing a bit of homework first to see if a wedding videographer suits you with the style don’t just go for someone who suits your budget. Go through examples of their previous wedding films, so you can get an understanding of their style but also see how all films are so very different depending on each couple. You should be confident your videographer will deliver you the result you expect and deserve.
It’s also essential you get on well, cause you’re going to be spending one of the most important days of your life with this person.
You should also listen to venues, wedding planners and other wedding suppliers – they will only recommend a videographer that they have a good working rapport with and know from experience that they deliver great results.


3. And again, go through fully examples of their previous wedding films

Not just have a look at short music clips, but also ask for some full wedding films. So many websites and Instagram pages may show ‘the best of’ or a single image from each wedding.
Out of a 10-hour wedding day it wouldn’t be difficult to shoot one stunning image and 1 min teaser but what you need to see is consistency throughout the day in different lighting conditions, style of editing, music they choose and moments they capture. Ask your potential videographer if it is possible to see full wedding films so that you can check the quality from beginning to end.


4. Waiting until the last-minute
Booking a wedding videographer doesn't depend on deciding on decorations or settling on napkin styles and attire. That's why you could book your videographer as soon as your set the date. Marbella Wedding Videography experts are too busy to accept your booking too closer to the wedding day. And with some couples who know the value of a wedding video and the busyness of reputable videographers and book their videographers years  in advance of the wedding day you could be missing out on getting the best wedding film for you. 
Andy Vox wedding videography studio usually are booked 18 month before the wedding day. We limit the number of weddings we film each month so that when it comes to editing your film it will have our undivided attention and it will not be rushed.

Book your Wedding Videography Marbella expert from Andy Vox Studio in advance.


5. Schedule
1) We think it’s very important to get in touch with your videographer before finalizing the schedule. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to filming a wedding. Reserve some time for the natural light because that's crucial if you want to get an excellent result. Try sticking to the schedule since if you decide to cut some parts it can dramatically affect the video crew schedule and capabilities and of course the quality and content of the final video.

And please, give enough time for your videographer: when everything is running late and the your mother have to rush in half dressed and with curlers in her hair – you 'll get not the romantic finish you were hoping for! 

6. Getting a friend or relative who films

This way is certainly a way to cut costs, but you will lost a quality film and in the end you never have life long memories, precious moments can be lost because of the lack of practice, non-modern and non-prof equipment and absence of creativity and style. This friend may get in the way and ruin a perfect, ideal moment.

A professional wedding videographer will understand how to make the best use of natural light throughout the day, will work discretely, and know filming and editing techniques that will result in a beautiful, timeless, high-quality and cinematic wedding film that you can enjoy for years to come.

Let's collaborate together! We don't just make wedding films, we tell your individual story with your wedding's unique atmosphere.


7. Consider carefully what you’re wearing to get ready and where you get ready
We film your wedding day from early morning preparations, capturing all those special moments and the fun of getting ready. Do you want to be filmed in your old dressing gown, that has a tea stain on the pocket? If you would like to get ready in your family home, think if the bedroom is big enough to fit your bridal party in and the photo & video team as well? Is it light and bright enough to get film and photos in natural light. Is it clean and well  decorated?


8. Guests paparazzi

Wedding guests standing in front of you holding their mobile phones, cameras and iPads are main points that can ruin a good wedding film and, as well as the images from your photographer. They are never going to look good in a film: like you're watching your wedding film, ready to see the moment the groom first sees you arrive down the aisle, but your relative blocked the shot as he stands up to shoot with his iPhone.


9. Too much focusing on shooting
It’s very important in terms of that the video will turn out natural. Don't strive for perfect results. Just try to be in the moment, to be only with each other and forget that someone is filming. Just have fun, enjoy your special day and act naturally. Things don’t necessarily have to be perfect. That’s the real beauty. The way you look at each other, your smiles and your relationship that enfold in front of the camera. You shouldn’t look at the camera all the time. Of course, in case if the videographer doesn’t ask you to. 


10. Hiring only one videographer.
We highly recommend hiring two wedding videographers for your wedding day if you're expecting more than 40 guests. Anyway, two is truly better than one, especially in terms of videographers. 
Having more angles and footages in your wedding video will help you remember the big day more vividly and make it more interesting and creative, which definitely outweighs the cost.
A helpful tip is to hire them from the same company, this way, they will be able to work together perfectly to achieve great results. Furthermore, we advice hiring  your photographers and videographers from the same company so they will understanding one another better since they have worked together before.
This way, they will be able to coordinate their shots easily to give you the best results. Using videographers and photographers from different companies might not yield the best overall results.